Medcine Bow Lodge

Medcine Bow Lodge
The Ride of A Lifetime

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"The Intruders"

Here at Medicine Bow Lodge, we have plenty of places to to hang your hats. We have been blessed with the gifts that have been given to us after the 2009 fire, such as this antelope hat rack. You would have thought that we had let an intruder in the lodge by Roper's response. He went in to protective mode not knowing what to do with these hollow skeleton heads that you would find in the open fields. Roper was unsure of these new creatures. He kept looking to Tim, as to say, " Okay I'm here ready to protect you from these foreign objects." This rustic decor now hangs in the entry way of the lodge ready for your hats. And, more than likely you will be greeted by Roper who continues to stand watch, waiting for these intruders to make a move, but will happily welcome you!

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