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Medcine Bow Lodge
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Monday, April 23, 2012

"Tag, You're It!"

I thought my husband, Tim was crazy when he taught our kids' how to play "tag" on a horse! I should have known that he would use this as a teachable moment. Those of you that have experienced tag, the Medicine Bow Lodge way know what I'm talking about because you learn to stay on your horse in difficult situations. Tim doesn't make it easy on the staff, in fact it has been said that he becomes this ruthless and relentless man when he enters the corral. I remember one wrangler saying, "What happened to your husband, I didn't expect this at all!" It is nothing for Tim to come along and remove the bridal or undo the cinch, leaving one to wonder, what do I do now? He wants the staff to realize that balance is key and to hold on with their upper thighs and to lead  the horse with the inner part of their legs.

It is the staff's goal to get Tim however they can. I know of one time that our our now son-in-law succeeded with dethroning Tim. He had a wicked smile with the victory. It is a game that is taken very seriously which everyone wants to have the fastest and perfect horse. One of the perks is the staff gets to choose Tim's horse. They think that choosing certain horses for him will give them an advantage. Not so! They find out quickly that it isn't the horse but it is the rider's abilities to maneuver with speed and precision that gives him the upper hand, even when your bridle has been removed from your horse. Oh the fun memories of this game!
Guest have been known to ride in the corral to experience a variation of tag, the Medicine Bow Lodge way. They find out quickly that it isn't so easy. I think they have more fun watching the staff play and take video/photos of this entertaining game.

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