Medcine Bow Lodge

Medcine Bow Lodge
The Ride of A Lifetime

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wrangler Unversity

We took the opportunity to invest in the Wrangler University hosted by Dr. Ruth Sorensen and husband Paul who assisted her. Our staff and guest participated in this all day, which was extremely educating and valuable information in learning horse first aid. Tex, seen in photo above was eager to take part in the day school. We feel that this will help our wranglers to understand the importance with caring for our horses. Our  guest loved being a part of this day and learning along with our staff. We are looking in to hosting this Wrangler University once a year to guest who are interested in learning more. Our wranglers felt that it was well worth it! Thank you Ruth and Paul for all ya'll did for the team and Medicine Bow Lodge~

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introducing "The Never Ending Adventures of Roper and Katy"

Our summer kicks off next weekend and our summer staff are arriving anxious to begin probably the most memorable summer job they will ever have in their lifetime. We have a major check list going to have everything ready which includes getting cabins opened, horses ready for riding, food ordered... Roper decided to be a big help by checking out the horses with making sure that they are ready for our guest's. Here he is on Tex saddle ready and gave the paw's up. He decided he would rather run along with Katy on the trails than on a horse. He will leave the riding to our guests and staff no worries he and Katy will be a step a head on the trails. Stay tuned because you never know what these two will be doing here at Medicine Bow Lodge.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Right here in our Backyard"

Moose watching is absolutely one of my favorite obsessions and especially during the summer months. They are such a unique animal with their awkward look because moose have long lanky legs, like toothpicks and an enormous body. They have horrible eyesight, but a very keen and sharpness with their hearing. Did you know that they are vegetarians? That is why moose love the marsh areas with all the vegetation and they can disappear quickly in the brush areas becoming camouflaged instantly. A cow moose with her babies is more dangerous than a mountain lion, or bear. You have to use common sense. All of our kids have had to take safety by climbing a tree out of respect for the cow moose. 
 These twins were born last year. They were about a month old.Mid June, early July is normally when the babies are born. It has become a favorite after a delicious dinner, and dessert to go moose watching. Dusk is the best time and early mornings, before breakfast to have the best chance to see moose in their habitat here in the Medicine Bow National Forest. They may even pose for you. They frequently visit Medicine Bow Lodge,with all the plants and berries right here along the creek behind our lodge. Our staff are always eager to take guest that want to jump on horses and go looking for moose in the meadows. Just another reason I love where we live, and what a privilege it is to do what we do right here in our backyard.


Monday, April 23, 2012

"Tag, You're It!"

I thought my husband, Tim was crazy when he taught our kids' how to play "tag" on a horse! I should have known that he would use this as a teachable moment. Those of you that have experienced tag, the Medicine Bow Lodge way know what I'm talking about because you learn to stay on your horse in difficult situations. Tim doesn't make it easy on the staff, in fact it has been said that he becomes this ruthless and relentless man when he enters the corral. I remember one wrangler saying, "What happened to your husband, I didn't expect this at all!" It is nothing for Tim to come along and remove the bridal or undo the cinch, leaving one to wonder, what do I do now? He wants the staff to realize that balance is key and to hold on with their upper thighs and to lead  the horse with the inner part of their legs.

It is the staff's goal to get Tim however they can. I know of one time that our our now son-in-law succeeded with dethroning Tim. He had a wicked smile with the victory. It is a game that is taken very seriously which everyone wants to have the fastest and perfect horse. One of the perks is the staff gets to choose Tim's horse. They think that choosing certain horses for him will give them an advantage. Not so! They find out quickly that it isn't the horse but it is the rider's abilities to maneuver with speed and precision that gives him the upper hand, even when your bridle has been removed from your horse. Oh the fun memories of this game!
Guest have been known to ride in the corral to experience a variation of tag, the Medicine Bow Lodge way. They find out quickly that it isn't so easy. I think they have more fun watching the staff play and take video/photos of this entertaining game.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"The Intruders"

Here at Medicine Bow Lodge, we have plenty of places to to hang your hats. We have been blessed with the gifts that have been given to us after the 2009 fire, such as this antelope hat rack. You would have thought that we had let an intruder in the lodge by Roper's response. He went in to protective mode not knowing what to do with these hollow skeleton heads that you would find in the open fields. Roper was unsure of these new creatures. He kept looking to Tim, as to say, " Okay I'm here ready to protect you from these foreign objects." This rustic decor now hangs in the entry way of the lodge ready for your hats. And, more than likely you will be greeted by Roper who continues to stand watch, waiting for these intruders to make a move, but will happily welcome you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Happy Guest Equals A Happy Horse"

Winter is coming to a close for the 2012 season here at Medicine Bow Lodge. This will allow for earlier riding here at the ranch.
We have the saddle soap and leather cleaner ready to prepare our saddles' for this upcoming season. Personally, I love helping with this project because you see the results with the sheen on the leather and the character comes alive in each one. I love the smells of the old leather with the new. I have learned first hand from Tim how important it is to care for the saddles, and tack. Each saddle has its own saddle rack ready to be fitted with horse and guest alike. It isn't just throwing on a saddle that is involved with riding. The horses love having a saddle fit their rider, because the rider is sitting properly in the saddle and takes pressure off the horse. So, I guess you could say, Happy guest equals a happy horse. This has been an on going learning experience for a city girl like me.
For the longest time, I would tell Tim that I need a narrow horse! I just wasn't comfortable on the horses he would have me ride. Well, he kept telling me,"Debbie it isn't the horse, it is the saddle." He took me to a saddle store and had the owner show me the difference in saddles and that it is the tree of the saddle that you want to fit, not the horse! Yes, I was embarrassed and I know my husband was perplexed with my thinking. Needless to say, I now have a saddle that fits me like a glove that I am more than happy to share with lady guest who need a "narrow horse", actually a narrow tree in the saddle.
Medicine Bow Lodge wants to make sure that each of our guest are fitted to the right horse, and a comfortable saddle, this helps to assure the best riding experience. It is our number one goal for our guest to have a pleasant riding experience with the desire to return here for the "Ride of A Lifetime."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"This Is Where I Belong"

"You know, I love a hot shower, good food and a warm bed, but when it comes down to it, this is where I belong" This is what Tim said while we were snowshoeing up in the mountains today. Where we were snowshoeing was on a horse trail that is a favorite for loping as you wind up this wooded rugged area. He was daydreaming about riding with our guests' and teaching them good techniques as they ride in this range. This cowboy at heart just loves where we live in this rustic mountain range where he is at home. You will not meet too many men like my husband who loves his work with a passion, which has many hats, but hands down he would rather be on a horse, enjoying the company of our guests', and exploring new places as he shares his Faith, the history of our home, and business, the Medicine Bow Lodge. Wouldn't you rather go vacation at a place that lives their work with a devotion and desire to make sure that whoever comes here has the best vacation ever! He is always ready to Ride!