Medcine Bow Lodge

Medcine Bow Lodge
The Ride of A Lifetime

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Happy Guest Equals A Happy Horse"

Winter is coming to a close for the 2012 season here at Medicine Bow Lodge. This will allow for earlier riding here at the ranch.
We have the saddle soap and leather cleaner ready to prepare our saddles' for this upcoming season. Personally, I love helping with this project because you see the results with the sheen on the leather and the character comes alive in each one. I love the smells of the old leather with the new. I have learned first hand from Tim how important it is to care for the saddles, and tack. Each saddle has its own saddle rack ready to be fitted with horse and guest alike. It isn't just throwing on a saddle that is involved with riding. The horses love having a saddle fit their rider, because the rider is sitting properly in the saddle and takes pressure off the horse. So, I guess you could say, Happy guest equals a happy horse. This has been an on going learning experience for a city girl like me.
For the longest time, I would tell Tim that I need a narrow horse! I just wasn't comfortable on the horses he would have me ride. Well, he kept telling me,"Debbie it isn't the horse, it is the saddle." He took me to a saddle store and had the owner show me the difference in saddles and that it is the tree of the saddle that you want to fit, not the horse! Yes, I was embarrassed and I know my husband was perplexed with my thinking. Needless to say, I now have a saddle that fits me like a glove that I am more than happy to share with lady guest who need a "narrow horse", actually a narrow tree in the saddle.
Medicine Bow Lodge wants to make sure that each of our guest are fitted to the right horse, and a comfortable saddle, this helps to assure the best riding experience. It is our number one goal for our guest to have a pleasant riding experience with the desire to return here for the "Ride of A Lifetime."

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