Medcine Bow Lodge

Medcine Bow Lodge
The Ride of A Lifetime

Monday, February 20, 2012

"A Night To Remember or Forget"

Here at Medicine Bow Lodge, we consider ourselves blessed with the guests that return year after year. Annually, we have this same group of snowmobile enthusiast during this particular week . The snow conditions were perfect for them with boon docking through the trees into the white powdered filled meadows. Friday, they started out with a semi- plan of where they were going for the day. Living here in the mountains, you never know when a snow storm is in the horizon and the severity of it. The snow came in quickly which wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that the guys were not back at their normal time. We had prepared supper, Catfish, shrimp sauce, twice baked potatoes, salad, homemade rolls, and Banana's Fosters. These are all great riders and Tim kept reassuring me that they could take care of themselves. Tim knew where they were and anticipated their scenario. Tim followed procedures with checking to see if any calls had been made to Search and Rescue. None had been made. We received the first call at 7:30PM from the guys. They were in a spot that they had no idea how to get out of this canyon. Thankfully, Tim had been in this exact area and same predicament and was able to instruct them what to do.
They called frequently letting us know how the eight of them were doing. Needless, to say, they were fatigued, sore, hungry and very cold. Tim received the last call at 2:00AM and they decided on the course of action to get them home. Our guests' arrived here at 3:15AM, cold, sore and starving. Tim and Mike had them drinking water, then coffee and sitting next to the fireplaces. They fed our guys, that were thankful to be alive and had a night to remember in the Snowy Range Mountains.
Incidentally, as our guests started their journey back to Medicine Bow Lodge, they came upon 3 snowmobilers that had prepared to spend the night, because they were lost and visibility was poor. They had built a fire and were putting shelter together. Our guys convinced them to join their group, "Stay close together, and go slow."
They got these 3 guys back safely to their cabin.
You never know what is going to take place here at Medicine Bow Lodge and we said bye to our Eagle guys with them saying, "See you next year, same time."

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Off the Beaten Path"

We have had continuous snow on and off since Thursday. It is perfect conditions for enjoying the winter activities. Tim went out this morning and re- groomed my snowshoe trail. The snow was coming down heavy with my face being covered and the visibility not being great. It was still beautiful and so peaceful, only hearing the steps of my feet in the deep snow. Normally I go a different direction and thankfully, I was led to detour today, because off the path, I came upon my husband Tim with the snowmobile buried and he needed help! There is never a dull moment living this life. It only took the  two of us just a few minutes working together to get the sled unstuck. Tim was out and about gathering downed trees for firewood. As you can see, he was very happy that I got off the beaten path.

Friday, February 10, 2012

What A Thrill!

Here at Medicine Bow Lodge, you never know who is going to come across our cattle guard, even during the winter. We had the pleasure to have a desperate dog sledder show up because we have snow. She needed a place to stay and work her dogs for an upcoming race this weekend in Casper. We were enthusiastic, to say the least, to have Carol and her dogs for guest this week. Mike, who works for us had the privilege to go out with her and he ended up learning to drive the team. I went dog sledding today and chose this time not to drive the team. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. I learned how to harness the excited dogs, and hook them up, and jump in and out of the sled when needed. This was because I led told Carol the wrong way. The funny thing is that the dogs were headed the right way! They listen to voice  commands, the same as mules. I was amazed how they figured out the trail and stayed on course. It was such a fun, enjoyable and thrill for me to experience dog sledding. The fresh snow made it easier for the team to glide across the trail and they handled the turns and slopes with complete control. This was our first time to dog sled, but we know it won't be our last! We have the ideal place to run dog sled tours. We think this would be an alternative to snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and a break from snowmobiling. Hmmm... Who knows?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Fun in our back yard!

This could be considered "The ride of a lifetime."You can tell by this picture that there is always something fun, adventurous and unique right here in our back yard of the Medicine Bow National Forest.
 This is where living where we do has its perks, even in the winter time. The kids of Saratoga schools have Fridays off and took advantage to come play in the snow today. It was a perfect outing for them to enjoy the great winter outdoors. Guest can enjoy this too, plus snowshoeing and cross country skiing if you are not in to snowmobiling. I'll keep saying it, " We have it all here at Medicine Bow Lodge".